Travel Security, Kidnapping Prevention and Bodyguard Training
Welcome to Risks Incorporated; please take some time to view our site. Risks Incorporated is a progressive, European - owned and managed bodyguard school and specialist security company that has proven itself many times on sensitive international operations. We supply corporate investigations, maritime security services, executive protection, tactical firearms training, kidnap and ransom services, tactical training, travel security,kidnapping prevention and bodyguard training in Europe and the Americas. Our clients range from entrepreneurs to corporate law firms and from trainee bodyguards to specialist tactical police units and government agencies actively engaged in counter narco terrorism and insurgency operations.
We have kidnap and ransom consultants, professional bodyguards and tactical training instructors in: Belgrade, Serbia; Athens Greece; Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, South Florida;** Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Caracas, Venezuela; Quito, Ecuador; Mexico City, Mexico; Europe the Caribbean and Latin America.

At Risks Inc., we provide our clients with no-nonsense security, kidnap and ransom, bodyguard services and tactical training. Unlike many a bodyguard schools and close protection companies, it is a necessity that all of our staff have operational experience and have not just studied their subjects from a distance. This enables us to provide our clients with cutting edge and real world tactical firearms training, self defence classes, counter insurgency / SWAT training, close protection / bodyguard services, kidnapping prevention and bodyguard training services that fulfill their requirements and fit in with their lifestyles.

We have no financial backers and are therefore totally independent. Our clients can be assured that we only work for their interests; honesty and loyalty are values on which we place a high emphasis. We welcome clients from all backgrounds and lifestyles and our diverse experience means that we regularly work with a wide variety of clients from different ethnic groups and cultures.

We pride ourselves on supplying a high standard of European customer service to all our clients and students. We apply the same amount of effort in teaching a novice how to shoot a handgun for the first time on a Florida concealed weapons permit class as we do providing counter insurgency / SWAT training to a tactical police unit. We provide the same level of professional service when we provide security for a corporate or social function in Europe, as we do when we supply close protection services - bodyguard services for a high profile person, who has a potential problem or the need for kidnap and ransom services in Latin America. For more information on our investigation, tactical firearms training, close protection, kidnap and ransom services, tactical training, bodyguard services, travel security, kidnapping prevention and bodyguard training please follow the links on the left or don't hesitate to contact us.
All inquiries and client information are kept strictly confidential